Megan the deaf mute. (revela) wrote,
Megan the deaf mute.

Lastnights events and a dream for you

Lastnight my cat Annubis did crazy things that proved he is my cat. He wasn't acting normal, that's for sure. He made me let him look under the covers and between the wall and matresses. He made my move my pillows so he could look under them, all the while sniffing for something. He kept yelling at me and jumping on and off the bed, and it scared me. He wouldn't leave my side at all. So I came out to the living room and called Scott to tell him what was going on, and he said "Maybe a spirit has entered our house some way." I thought I had marked all the windows and doors so that kind of thing couldn't happen, but apparently I missed a few. So here I am, sitting on the couch with this cat who is just staring at me like I'm supposed to do something. After I thought about it, it was a spirit, it's just been so long since I've felt one that I couldn't pick up on it right away. Scott told me to sleep on the couch if that would make me feel better, so I put in Queen of The Damned and fell asleep to that. This morning, I find Annubis under a pile of blankets.... This is not normal. Like I told Scott, I don't think it's the cat, it's something in this house that he's worried about. I can't wait to move.

My Dream:
well it's not a lot, really. I went flying lastnight and it was so much fun. I went up really high and dove down again. ... Rachel called and asked if I wanted to come over and smoke a doobie, so I did that and did more flying. I still wonder what is in store for me my next life time. We shall know in due time.
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