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So. Lastnight was my sister-in-law's baby shower and it was so nice to see her again. I miss them so much. :( Pete wasn't there, but I didn't really expect him to be now that he's driving truck. She's so cute and round now. They're moving to NC next wednesday which means I won't see them until next year sometime... seeing as we're moving to AZ August 18. We secured an appartment at Marisol somewhere in Scottsdale. Scott said someone told him it's not a bad place to be, so we'll find out. As for me, I'm wishing I were pregnant more and more everyday and keep dreaming about it. So I finally got my head out of my ass and decided I'd write a spell and see if I can counter-act PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrom... which is why I can't get pregnant.) So we'll see how that goes.. but no matter what, we're still have to pay for the insemination. So we'll see how everything goes and hopefully in the near future I will be expecting a little one.

But anyway. My journal needs a new look, I believe. So I guess I can try to do that as well. It'll take a while because the only time I get on the internet is when I'm at the coffee shop. Yay for peanut butter mocha breve's. Woohoo. Toodles.
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