Megan the deaf mute. (revela) wrote,
Megan the deaf mute.

Sibling rivalry and other assorted events.

My sister will one day turn into a plastic doll. I promise. I don't know when. Maybe in her next life she'll come back as one... *shrugs* Anyway. I can't deal with how fake she is. Granted, it's not her body that's fake.. but the way she is, is. I can't stand how she got married just for the dress and the ring.. though she won't admit it and probably never will. Her marriage is horrible.. she does everything for nothing and I can't see how she can be happy. So I told her one day that I'll stay out of all of it. And I haven't talk to her since then. It's probably been a good 3 months or so. So why am I bringing this up now? Because I love my sister-in-law (Cathy) and she tells me what's going on with my superficial blood sister. It gets me tense, but a little of that is good sometimes.

I met a really nice band the other day on Mill Ave. They want me to jam with them, so I plan to. I cut my hair... think I'm gonna get it shorter still. and.. I wish my husband was home.
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